Riedhammer GmbH

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RIEDHAMMER stands for 90 years of Innovation, we welcome you

Riedhammer GmbH (RH), is the leading manufacturer of industrial kiln plants worldwide and offers innovative technologies for the metal and electronic industries, besides its traditional business areas like ceramics and sanitary ware.


For the Carbon Industry, RH is presently the only independent supplier worldwide being able to deliver complete solutions and its proven furnace technologies for baking anodes, cathodes and electrodes and special carbon products.


RH is providing various solutions from rebuilding, modernization, revamping, up to new turn-key plants based on the most advanced technology and proven reliability.


RH’s ring-pit kiln design offers a long life cycle without regular repair work. Especially open type anode baking furnaces are operated consequently until a major overhaul is required. Such periodical rebuild of the refractory material allows implementing the latest design, adapting the furnace as per changed anode dimensions and optimization of the process. The rebuild work is executed without interruption of furnace operation and, after several weeks this furnace start its next life cycle at as new condition.



Brands: Baking Furnace Technology with benchmark performance: • Open Top Furnace for Anodes • Closed Type for Cathodes, Electrodes, Anodes • Single Camber & Car Bottom Furnace for Electrodes, Special Carbons