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Make Laminated Glass “Solar Control”

Due to Climate Change, places around the World are experiencing escalating temperature year by year. As people feel the warmer, the demand for electricity is increased, rising costs, more air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Waste heat encore when extra effort we take to contain it, therefore an endless cycle of pollution became.

To break the cycle and bring comfort to people, Chung How Paint Factory has specialized on creating Solar Control PVB Film. Enhanced by our patent IR absorber inside, the PVB film became the perfect heat insulation material for laminated glass. Shielding up to 50% of solar heat and pass 70% of visible light which means it provide same view as normal laminated glass but with extraordinary heat shielding ability. Moreover, the particle also improves sound insulation, a 5dB higher, than general laminated glass.

These characteristic make laminated glass able to compete with double glazing, not only on the heat shielding aspect but also has the advantage of 30 % thinner window thickness and more echo friendly due to the toxic released while recycling.

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