Toronto,  ON 
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Flexijet3D is a truly Integrated 3D field measuring system designed for the user, that encompasses below features:

  1. Assurance of Accuracy – In the event there was an accidental movement of the FlexiJet system while measuring, there is an instant alert indication
  2. Precise Control is possible with a Wireless Remote Control allowing the user to remotely operate the unit. This allows for precise measurement while reducing the chance of bumping the unit  
  3. Varying Remote Control Speed allows a quick and easy re-positioning of the unit. 
  4. Automatic Multi Point Capturing feature allows scanning the area for capturing measurement points
  5. Hatching feature identifies high and low points of the entire surface
  6. The user can easily select a point in the drawing and Flexijet 3D can point to the physical location at site. This is ideal when measuring surfaces to apply cladding or tile and with this feature one can locate the high marks automatically.
  7. FlexiJet 3D is a Non-Touch measuring system with laser eliminating any chance or error because the laser can measure even the most delicate collection points without influencing their positions unlike touch stylus based systems.

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