Creative Resins Europe / IGE

Jupiter,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 3953

Creative Resins Europe is established in Spain since 2000 and is working with our resins in the field of decorative glass since 1981.

Our intention is to continue offering our products with a more personal, as well as the total market introduction in Europe and South America, knowing the great potential of these and the expansion possibilities of our products.

PICASSO: Automatic Glass Painting 

Automatic spraying gun painting machine. Based in a pneumatic, electronic and sensor operated system. Controlled by an integrated software programmed for several functions trough a touch screen display.

Picasso can be set on two painting modes:

POSITIONS MODE: manually inputting the measures of the glass sheet, useful for painting squared sheets as well as for serial production of same sized painted sheets.

SENSORS MODE: For a fully automatic painting the machine features a set of sensors, one at the entrance of the painting module and two at both sides of the spraying gun; first one determinates the length of the glass piece, the other two detects its width to make sure the gun only sprays on the glass, increasing the speed of the process and the optimizing the amount of paint use