Savio Thesan USA

Spencerport,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 915

Savio Thesan USA- Savio S.p.A has been supporting the North American marketplace for the past 20 years. Approximately 10 years ago, the family owned and operated Savio S.p.A founded a Renewable Energy corporation named THESAN. In 2015 Savio S.p.A and Thesan has agreed to enter into a formal partnership agreement with Mr. Patrick Revenew and Assoc. in order to found a North American based company called SAVIO THESAN USA. SAVIO THESAN USA is headquartered in Rochester, NY where we will continue to service the North American window and door market with excellent customer service, project development, product development, field support and warehouse distribution services. During the Glass Build America EXPO, our organizations will showcase the following innovative products: - Out Swing Window Hardware (Single lever mounted on the frame which operates the window with smooth action which can achieve ADA requirements in certain applications. The single lever also engages conventional euro-groove multipoint locking technology in order to improve air, water and sound reduction results.) - Crank Devise (Outswing Window) – This product allows for a window vent to be operated via a single traditional window crack devise while engaging perimeter conventional euro-groove multipoint locking technology. This eliminates the need for additional exposed sash locks. Additionally, this system will accept our heavy duty INCANTO concealed hinge products which has a carrying capacity of more than 286 lbs. - Door Closer Hinges – This product is a revolutionary idea. The body of hinges hold a form of hydraulic oil, which can control the opening and closing pressure at the same ratio as a class 6 traditional surface mounted door closer. Our product offers aesthetical enhancement and a stream line single hardware solution. This product can be surface mounted, butt style hinge mounted as well as pivot style hinge mounted. - Magnetic Lift and Slide Door System – This product introduces magnetic technology in order to eliminate the need for roller in the sill of the doors. This product offers a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. per 36” width of the operating door panel. This product literally floats on air and glides with the touch of a single finger. - Magnetic Door latch system – This product is able to be adapted to the typical interior doors used in single family homes (bedrooms, baths and closets). The product offers a non-exposed hinge solution and eliminates that need to an exposed strike latch on the frame portion of the door. It is Genius ! - We are very proud to introduce the new THESAN AIR CARE units at the EXPO. This product is a CLEAN AIR / FRESH AIR exchange unit that can be retrofitted into existing window/door openings and certainly in a new construction environment with ease. This product brings external air into a selected room, while evacuating the internal air. The inbound fresh air passes through a series of honeycomb maze style filters which convert the FRESH Air into CLEAN Air. There are two systems that we offer… 1. Air Exchange without an temperature alteration features and 2. Air Exchange unit that alters the temperature of inbound/outbound air at a 75% ratio through the use of a low voltage/low energy heat exchange unit that is built into the design of our Air Care units. Savio S.p.A and Thesan are PROUD to launch our new venture with SAVIO THESAN USA. Please visit us a BOOTH NUMBER 915