Morgan Advanced Materials

New Bedford,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 3514

Morgan Advanced Materials is a global engineering company. We design and manufacture advanced ceramic components from a portfolio of cutting edge materials, using our in-depth materials expertise and applications experience to solve the technical challenges that our customers face every day. 

For the glass market specifically, we produce fused silica rollers which are typically used as transport rollers during the glass tempering process, ensuring a shatter-resistant finish in glass-based components which are increasingly popular in modern vehicles. Making the glass more durable helps to address any safety concerns around vitreous components in cars. The superior thermal shock resistance properties and material strength of our fused silica rollers mean they are well suited to deliver a high quality, scratch-free glass finish.      

To see our full range of fused silica rollers at Glass Build America, visit our glass experts on booth 3514.