King Construction Hardware Ltd.

Kaiping,  Guangdong 
  • Booth: 2609

  King Construction Hardware Ltd.With over 10 years experience in the glass hardware fabrication. King have a good reputation for quality and for using the finest materials to create outstanding  Shower Enclosure Hardware for Customers.

      A full ranges of products for Shower Enclosures. Products as: Complete set Shower Systems, Shower Hinges, Shower Clamps, Shower Pull Handles & Towel Bars, Shower Knobs and Bathroom Accessories.

    We possess the whole production line from product research & design, tooling, CNC machining and quality control system. we are ensure that you can buy the quality products and competitive price in our factory.  ( We accept Custom Design Products.)

    Enjoy Your Life,Enjoy King Hardware.

Company Contact:Alex Kuang

Company Phone :+86 750 2727893

Company Fax:+86 750 2738893