Advanced Process Optimization, Inc.

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United States
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Advanced Process Optimization - Process Improvement Experts.


Advanced Process Optimization, Inc. is a Process Improvement Consultancy focused on permanently eliminating problems in your business processes, and drastically improving process and team performance using Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Simulation Modeling, Training, and Organizational Change Management.

Business Leaders don’t call us for the easy stuff. They call us when things hit the fan. They call us for the seemingly unsolvable problems.

We have the tools and techniques to figure out complex manufacturing and business problems… and the simple ones as well. Sometimes you are too close to the problem to see it, or simply don’t have the bandwidth or skill set to get the problems solved, but we do and we will prove it to you.

We don’t just advise – we get involved, fix it, and make sure it stays fixed.

Brands: Stabilize and Optimize®, LEAN – It's About Time!®, Truth in Analysis®


  • FlexSim Simulation Modeling
    3D Simulation Modeling of your process to find improvement opportunities, help with visual selling, vet engineered designs, conduct what-if analysis, throughput and capacity studies....

  • Simulation modeling is the process of creating and analyzing a digital prototype of a physical system to predict its expected performance in the real world.

    We use Simulation Modeling for:

    • Visual Selling - We are visual creatures. It's easier to understand complex concepts if we can see them. It's even better if it is 3D animated and the process is not just a movie but a simulation model.
      • Create Concepts of a proposed solution quickly to out flank your competition and convey your idea to the end user
      • Make quick changes to the concept with the client so that the engineering team can build exactly what they want
    • Studies – Analyzing the current state of an existing system to evaluate performance and identify opportunities for improvement
      • What should I change?
      • How much should I change it?
      • Do I have a moving problem?
      • Why does it move and by what change in the inputs?
      • Am I utilizing my people and assets properly?
      • Lean Manufacturing Analysis (Waste, Uneveness, Overburden)
      • Six Sigma Analysis (Transfer function creation: y=f(x))
      • I can’t experiment with the real process because we are producing. I need to simulate it!
    • Design Validation - Confirm that the engineered design you have will meet the requirements and specifications of the customer
      • It reduces the risk of creating the wrong design
      • It improves the likelihood that my design will work
      • It’s cheaper to create a simulation than a real prototype
      • Conduct what-if analysis and scenario analysis to test the system for robustness
      • I get a ton of useable data
      • I can test my engineered design and tweak it before I put the specs in a contract