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Bruker - X-Ray Fluorescence & Optical Emission Spectrometry


S2 PUMA: The S2 PUMA offers multi-element analysis for all kinds of samples, from carbon to uranium.
The S8 TIGER is a high-end wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. 

Q4 TASMAN: The Q4 TASMAN is an advanced CCD based optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis.
Q2 ION: The Q2 ION is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-compact spark emission spectrometer for metal analysis available. 


  • S2 PUMA
    The S2 PUMA is the Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer for elemental analysis....

  • The benchtop instrument for solid and liquid samples, prepared or bulk, for the analysis from carbon to americium (C – Am). Detectable elemental concentrations in the samples can range from ppm up to 100%.
    Its high-power X-ray tube together with the HighSense™ LE detector and the unique sample handling options make it the perfect fit for many applications in industry and research, where precise and accurate results must be delivered fast on an easy-to-operate instrument.
    Depending on sample type and desired throughput, the versions Single, XY Autochanger, Carousel, Automation cover all possible scenarios. The XY Autochanger can even be configured for full integration into automated laboratory environments. The HighSense™ LE detector is a fast silicon drift detector (SDD) with high count rates for shortest measurement times. The optional TouchControl™ touchscreen enable users with only very minimal amount of training to operate the instrument.
  • S8 TIGER Series 2
    WDXRF spectrometer delivers for all elements accuracy and precision for industrial quality and process control....

  • Thanks to HighSense technology the S8 TIGER Series 2 WDXRF spectrometer delivers for all elements accuracy and precision for industrial quality and process control.
    With high resolving WDXRF technology and optimal detection of light, medium and heavy elements based on the new HighSense beam path, the XRF2 mapping tool of the S8 TIGER Series delivers best sensitivity, smallest spot size, and highest resolution for small spot applications.
    Ergonomic and failsafe operation are vital for efficiency and best analytical data. Simple, intuitive start of samples are guaranteed with the multilingual TouchControl interface.
    Mobile Spark Spectrometer...

  • The Q4 MOBILE is a mobile optical emission spectrometer for all fields of applications in metal sorting, PMI testing (Positive Material Identification), and analysis.