Acciai Speciali Terni S.p.A. Forging Division

Terni,  TR 
  • Booth: 2651


Acciai Speciali Terni Spa (AST) has a long industrial tradition with 134 years of presence on the market and now ranks among the most important European integrated cycle steel plants. The company’s core business consists of flat rolled stainless steel products, one of the top four manufacturers in Europe. In addition to flat rolled steel products, the company produces also forgings among the largest in the world, through its Forging Division. Our manufacturing facilities cover the entire manufacturyng cycle, from casting to packaging.

Forging Division can produce ingots up to 530 tons and it is the largest of the western world also with the 12600 tonns press with its integrated manipulator, producing forgings up to 250 tons finished weight for different application.

The core business of forging division are Back-up and Work rolls from a minimum weight of 20 tons delivering worldwide for the most important steel companies.


  • Forged Back-Up Rolls
    We produce back-up Rolls from 20/25 tons up to 250 tons finished weight thanks to our integrated cycle: form ingot to the forging all in the same area....

  • Our back up rolls are made by starting form a very clean steel due to the use of selected scrap coming from internal production and through from car indutries which allow us to have low level of S (0.002) and P (0.007). By using Under Vacuum degassing we reduce H content to less than 1 ppm. By using the big press of 12600 Tons we guarantee an optimal micorstructure due to the big deformation we can give to the forging and by using a rotative furnace for the DQHT of only the barrel we can guarantee a good uniformmity of Hardness values on all the length of the barrel and can manage the working layer depth according to the customer need.