ESPROS Photonics Corporation

7320 Sargans, 
  • Booth: 200

ESPROS Photonics Corporation is THE IMAGER FOUNDRY, offering the world’s only non captive producer of highest performance CMOS process with optical front end. Our leading edge cwTOF and pTOF technology is used in Automotive, Robotics, Industrial, and IoT applications. Our Time Of Flight (TOF) imagers offer class leading sensitivity and ambient light suppression and are available as standard products, along with non TOF imagers used in Life Science, Space, Medical, Automation, and many more applications. Customer specific (ASIC) projects are undertaken with the full technology suite and an expert design team. ESPROS Photonics headquater is in Switzerland but we also have a sales office in Shanghai, China.

Brands: ESPROS Photonics epc OHC15L