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Inspire. Connect. Grow... with broadcast-grade technology.

Chyron for Churches

Inspire. Connect. Grow.

You want to engage and enrich the lives of your community. While your pastor is at the podium and the musicians are on stage, there is important work behind the scenes too. We have the tools you need!

Facilitate the Live Worship Experience

Support the message and involve everyone, with easily accessible lyrics, scripture and information. With PRIME CG’s high end design tools, create compelling graphics to play over live video or any background. PRIME CG  integrates with data sources to auto- populate graphics with hymn lyrics, scripture, calendar events and more. PRIME can even drive Video Walls for large video displays at the back of the stage or anywhere in your facility.

Grow Beyond

With PRIME Switcher, mix and send any camera feed, any graphics or any pre-recorded content online or on air. Create life-like scenes with PRIME AR (augmented reality) or VSAR(virtual reality) to have your message appear from wherever you like, ancient Egypt to outer space to virtually anywhere.


With SHOUT, our social media tool, participants can submit prayer requests, comments, questions, poll responses on important issues and more.

Brands: PRIME Live Platform with PRIME CG (live video graphics), Switcher (video/audio mixing), Video Walls (play content to large LED displays), Click Effects (one click control of an entire venue) and more.