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Protection-as-a-Service for all your school's devices

Repair, disinfection, logistics, and protection

Computer devices are a critical part of our educational environment now, but students (and staff) continue to find new ways to break or damage their school-issued devices. Sometimes it's hard to keep up or afford the constant repair or replacement costs.

INVZBL Protect Express was designed with schools in mind and your need for fast, affordable repair and protection services for the thousands of devices in your care. Protect Express combines FedEx's world-class repair capabilities and facilities with INVZBL's UV-C high-capacity disinfection cabinets. Schools will be able to have devices picked up, transported, repaired, cleaned, disinfected, and returned all through one fully trackable, insured process.

The seemingly impossible is now a reality with this force for good partnership of INVZBL and FedEx®.

Brands: Protection Express powered by FedEx, N-AIR UV-C Ceiling Panel Air Purifier, Z13 Model, B3 Model