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Schmitz Foam

Coldwater,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 1254

I look forward to introducing you to ProPlay!

Schmitz Foam is the world leader in shock and drainage pads for the turf industry.  Schmitz Shock Pads have a long, successful history.  Since 2000, the Schmitz family have installed ProPlay pads in over 80 countries, from the snow-covered fields in Iceland to the deserts of the Middle East without one failed field Schmitz ProPlay foam pads are a fully upcycled product.    By using Schmitz ProPlay shock pad approximately 60,000 lbs.  (per field) of closed cell, cross-linked foam is prevented from entering incinerators or landfill.   Every square foot used also reduces the burning of fossil fuels to produce new virgin foam.  Additionally, when the field is eventually replaced, the ProPlay pads can be sent back to Schmitz for reprocessing into new pads creating a full recycling loop!   The ProPlay Shock Pad meets all the US Standards, same as competitive products. Schmitz ProPlay Pad is also covered by a 25-year warranty and is made in the USA!

Brands: ProPlay-Sport EcoSport ProPlay-Sport 20 ProPlay-Sport 20D ProPlay-Sport 23 ProPlay-Sport 23D ProPlay-15/215