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Keep our promises & bring peace of mind to everyone we touch

Our Cause Is Driven By Our Values, Fueled by Our Passion

Our Cause at National Life comes down to six words: Do good. Be good. Make good. Those are our corporate values and our touchstone.

There is power in simplicity, a purpose behind sincerity, and a potential for profits both financial and emotional in guiding a business on a mission larger than itself.

It’s why best-selling authors Jackie and Kevin Freiberg focused their most recent book – CAUSE! A Business Strategy For Standing Out In A Sea of Sameness – on our company and our purpose-driven mission.

All companies have a culture, for better or worse. We think ours is better because it’s deeply rooted in our values of do good, be good and make good. It has been since 1848. Our culture is driven by our values, by our purpose.

Our mission is keeping our promises.

Our vision is to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch.

Our culture is something we take very seriously, because when a company has a purpose-driven culture, those who work there know why they do. That’s why we proudly call ourselves Do Gooders.

We have grown at National Life simply by digging deep to define our purpose and staying true to our roots and our corporate values.