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FoodService Sustainability Solutions

Kennesaw,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: 1457

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FoodService Sustainability Solutions (FSS) www.fs-sustainability.com  - we are a technology firm focused on efficiently diverting organics and foam away from landfills and into beneficial re-use products. (use available KIT Funds for Compost Accelerator; USDA approved CapEx )

FSS is an American equipment manufacturer. Our Compost Accelerator and StyroGenie make recycling efficient by reducing materials by 80% to 95% on-site before you pay to have them hauled away for Last Mile processing. 

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Compost Accelerator:
1) 100% Diversion of Food Waste away from landfill; helps achieve compliance with SB 1383
2) Eliminate Methane creation which otherwise occurs when food waste would be landfilled
3) Close-the-loop by channeling residual dehydrated food waste (DFW) into  beneficial re-use product as feedstock for compost or animal feed

Skip the odors, the frequent bin collection and flies normally associated with organics' diversion.   

StyroGenie Top 3 Reasons to invest:
1) Recycle 100% of your soiled foam lunch trays (in turn-key program)
2) Reduce Waste Costs by 50% to 70%
3) Keep up-front tray purchase costs down (50% less than fiber)

Brands: Compost Accelerator - commercial grade food waste dehydrator 80%-90% on-site reduction! StyroGenie - Recycle soiled foam lunch trays via on-site thermal foam tray densification and 95% reduction!