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For 20 years, Mad City Labs has been the trusted name in designing and manufacturing nanopositioning systems and precision microscopy instruments for biophysicists. Our products include Piezo Nanopositioners, Precision Micropositioners, Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopes (NSOM), and Single Molecule Microscopes Our nanopositioners feature proprietary PicoQ® sensors with ultra-low noise & high stability performance. PicoQ® sensors combined with our innovative flexure guided stage designs leads to outstanding stability & sub-nanometer precision for super resolution microscopy, atomic force microscopy, optical/magnetic tweezers, and high resolution imaging. When paired with our high precision micropositioning systems they are the ideal building blocks for nanoscopy applications. Mad City Labs AFMs achieve atomic step resolution by leveraging the performance of our closed loop nanopositioners. Affordable and available in a variety of configurations with automated software and calibration. The RM21® MicroMirror TIRF microscope is a unique multi-spectral TIRF microscope. The MicroMirror TIRF spatially segregates the excitation wavelengths leading to improved signal-to-noise ratios and efficient data collection. Ideal for Colocalization single molecule spectroscopy, smFRET, and dark-field TIRF. The entire range of RM21® single molecule microscopes are designed for advanced fluorescence microscopy and are nanopositioner-ready to facilitate nanoscopy methods. Advantages: direct optical pathway access, high stability & precision alignment, flexible configurations, and TIRF module options. Mad City Labs specializes in finding the correct instrument solutions for your biophysics applications. Stop by and visit with our scientists and engineers during the exhibit!

 Press Releases

  • The Mad360™ is a compact precision rotational stage.  The rotational motion is bidirectional and continuous 360°.  Minimum rotational steps of 1 milliradian and capable of speeds up to 20 rotations/second, the Mad360™ is a versatile motion control device.

    The Mad360™ is compatible with Mad City Labs MMP series micropositioning systems and 60mm cage systems.  The design incorporates a center aperture for light transmission.  The Mad360™ is ideal for alignment, metrology, magnetic tweezer and optical microscopy applications


  • RM21 Microscope: Magnetic Tweezer module
    New for 2019! Magnetic Tweezer module for use with the RM21 single molecule microscope. Modular design with four axes of motion (X, Y, Z, and rotation). Rotational speeds up to 20 rotations/sec with 1 milliradian of repeatability....

  • New for 2019!  Magnetic tweezer module designed for use with RM21 Single Molecule Microscopes.  The modular design incorporates four axes of motion (X,Y,Z, rotation) and a center aperture for transmitted light.  Rotational speeds up to 20 rotations/sec, 1 milliradian repeatability.  Compatible with 60mm cage systems for easy incorporation with optomechanical components.

    Visit Booth 216 to learn more about our magnetic tweezer module and our atomic force microscope modules designed for nanoscopy and force spectroscopy applications.

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