Boston,  MA 
United States

Revolutionizing Railways; Comprehensive and Actionable Data

RailPod is a data services and analytics company that manufactures and builds efficient and highly accurate data collection equipment to aid in predictive modeling and predictive maintenance solutions focused on the railway right-of-way (ROW) and track.

The RailPod solution provides a multitude of inspection and data solutions for not only traditional geometry, but also rail wear, GIS wayside asset tagging & record keeping, clearances, catenary inspections, and mobile LiDAR scanning capabilities for capturing 360 degree point cloud data. All inspections can be completed in ONE pass at the same time, saving considerable test time and expense. 

Customer data is immediately accessible via RailPod’s 24/7 web-based software with advanced plotting and mapping tools integrated. BI tools enable customers to analyze historic and current inspection data and perform time trending analysis to identify and analyze track conditions and predict areas where maintenance should occur.

The portable RailPod platform is easily deployable on any railroad, transit, freight, passenger, and abroad with no special modifications.

Brands: • One-Pass Freight & Transit Inspection Solutions • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools • Mobile LiDAR Clearance & Point Cloud Data Capture • GIS Wayside Asset Tagging & Record Keeping

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