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3D vision systems and Artificial Intelligence for inspection

Railmetrics sensors help railways to better manage and maintain their assets by reducing inspection time and labor cost and by expanding the breath and depth of railway inspections.

Railmetrics’ LRAIL technology is a compact multifunctional inspection system that combines high-speed 3D lasers and precision optics to capture high-resolution 2D images and 3D profiles simultaneously at speeds up to 120km/h, day or night.

2D images and 3D scans are first automatically motion-compensated using inertial sensor data, then automatically analyzed for feature recognition and evaluation.

As a result of its multifunctional aspect, the LRAIL provides a much more comprehensive inspection compared to traditional, single purpose technologies such as linescan imaging and geometry measurement systems.

With just a single pass the LRAIL is capable of automatically measuring and reporting on a wide range of railway parameters including: gauge, cant, alignment, rail head wear, premium fasteners, spiking, crosstie grading, ballast levels, ballast fouling, and more.

As well, thanks to the Deep Neural network, the LRAIL’s capabilities are constantly expanding and improving.



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