Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.

Canton,  OH 
United States

Midwest’s team of scientists have collaborated with NASA and the Ames Research Group to develop our Zero Gravity Third Rail® Anti-Icer and Deicer, which has quickly become an industry-leading product. We’ve incorporated the same Zero Gravity technology into a number of Midwest products, including Ice Free Switch®. Our products are pseudoplastics, so they can be easily applied in the worst weather conditions, and are long-lasting even on vertical surfaces. What’s more, they’re also 100% environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-corrosive, and non-conductive.

In recent years, we’ve added Glidex® and Glidex® MC all- weather switch lubricants to our offering of products that serve to address a variety of rail lubrication needs. Midwest’s Glidex family of lubricants ensures long-lasting lubrication on vital rail switches and vertical surfaces, more easily and effectively than graphite or petroleum. Applied as a fluid, Glidex remains in place and becomes static, providing a barrier that keeps metal components lubricated. Glidex withstands the elements, resists wash-off, won’t pack and harden, and do not attract dirt and sand.

Brands: Glidex®, Glidex® MC, Zero Gravity Third Rail®, Ice Free Switch®


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