Lewis Bolt & Nut Company

Vancouver,  WA 
United States

Lewis Bolt & Nut Company. USA Manufacturer since 1927

Lewis Bolt & Nut Company has been (and is today) the premier (USA) Manufacturer of fasteners for the North American Railway Industry.  Located in La Junta Colorado, Lewis produces a wide variety of fasteners for Track, Grade Crossings as well as for Structures.  A few examples of our product line include the popular Recessed Head Timber Screws, Frog & Switch Bolts in a wide variety of sizes, Screw Spikes including the # 1 selling Screw Spike in North America, the patented Lewis Evergrip(TM) Spike.  This spike can be either turned, or driven in with Nordco Spiking machines.  The advantages are many, especially when driven in.  You cannot over or under install them.  Once they meet the plate when driven they stop.  Fins mounted above the threads prevent premature back out.  Removal is done by quickly (2-1/2 turns) turning them out, or pulling with a "beefed up" puller built by Nordco Corporation.  Lewis, in addition to the Evergrip(TM) also produces a similar version that is used with square hole Tie Plates.




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