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United States
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MySmartPlans, the Ultimate Construction Technology, ensuring your construction project's integrity.

MySmartPlans is a state-of-the-art, software-as-a-service created in 2007 and has managed thousands of projects.  MySmartPlans implements full control over their documentation with our personal Digital Librarians, as a part of your team. Your expert Digital Librarian collects and organizes all project data from any data repository. Files are audited for mistakes; missing data is tracked down and uploaded to the project dashboard in real-time. No other construction software management system delivers the way we do. Eliminate the risk associated with insufficient document oversight on budgets, and schedules and prevent litigation by using MySmartPlans. We are truly the ultimate construction management software, chat with us to learn how we will transform your next construction project. 

Brands: Brands include our MySmartPlans real-time dashboard, MySmartCost for financial tracking, SubmtitalEz for document submissions, and we promise a Digital Twin Closeout.


  • MySmartPlans
    The Ultimate Construction Management Technology Software....

  • MySmartPlans gives teams full control over their documentation with the assistance of our expert Digital Librarians who collect and organize all project data from any data repository, audit files for mistakes, use a uniform naming convention, and upload them to our user-friendly searchable SAS dashboard in real-time. Our Digital Librarians link details and change documents into the Plans, create color sheets compare with the updated sheet changes, track down missing data, and all data is searchable. MySmartPans uses a real human as an additional member of your team to transform Digital Governance Delivery and create a true Digital Twin. This Data Governance mitigates the risk associated with insufficient document oversight and creates projects on budget, and on schedule while preventing litigation. The MySmartPlans software paired with our Digital Librarian guarantees accountability, transparency, and efficiency during the construction process for all projects!
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