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Kusch+Co: Airport Seating - Made in Germany

Railway and bus stations, ship terminals, and airports are in our mobile society the gateways to the global world. Especially the international airports provide proof of Kusch+Co’s core competence in the market segment transport. Over 260 airports worldwide have been furnished with Kusch+Co airport seating, bench configurations and lounge furniture.

These series, which are specifically designed for these public environments, meet the highest standards with regard to safety, functionality, design, comfort, and utility value. Add to the experience and know-how of Kusch+Co in planning and project management, on which architects and project developers can rely. Kusch+Co offers the best possible interior design solutions not only for waiting areas, but also for conference rooms, restaurants, counters, tower, offices and service areas.

Brands: Kusch+Co is a brand recognized around the world for its excellent quality and exceptional design of office products: chairs, furniture, solutions for the healthcare sector and passenger terminals.




  • V-Travel
    The series V-Travel is designed by Justus Kolberg : a comprehensive, customizable and varied series of benches and loungers geared towards the public waiting areas in international airports, cruise centres and railway stations....

  • The clean, elongated lines run through the entire design, from the slender frame all the way to the armrests, and catch the eye – the V-shaped closing caps on both sides of the frame are not only a characteristic design feature, they also gave their name to the series. The benches are completed by the one-piece, ergonomically shaped seat shells and loungers – either PU foamed or entirely upholstered, with or without armrests – that are fitted on the stretcher bar, offering a dynamic comfort. By means of the spacers, the seat shells are raised to cater to the wishes of persons with reduced mobility. Through fasteners, it is possible to attach further modules – such as bench tops, power sockets, cable ducts as well as power and data modules – to the aluminium continuous casted stretcher bar.
    The V-Travel benches won the German Design Award in 2018.
    The product line contain as well the seat islands, in round, oval, square or rectangular shape. The seat islands 8350 V-Travel are so much more than simply a functional addition to the flexible bench and lounger series 8300 V-Travel, they also serve as eye candy.
  • Creva Soft
    A new perspective in interior design for offices, lounges, lobbies and cafes. Universal and flexible, the Creva is available in a wide range of varieties, ranging from one-seater sofas to extensive configurations. Make yourself comfortable!...

  • Designed by kaschkasch studio, Creva soft line is a flexible, modular furniture system, including sofas, tables and poufs, available in various configurations. 
    The sofas with the high side and back walls guarantees good acoustic comfort. The L-shape model is inspired by the chaise lounge, on which people used to sit or recline. Its exceptional form will make every space unique. 
    American Diner is a seating configuration that is superbly screened off for conversation privacy. It is reminiscent of the train compartments of yesteryear that inspired the cult of the typical American Diner restaurant. 
    Regarding the Landscape series, it can be setted with seats facing in the same or opposite directions; in a linear, L-shaped or H-shaped configuration; with low or high walls; with or without a table top.
    The Creva Soft line won the German Design Award in 2021.
  • 8000 Series Porsche design
    Pure, powerful, progressive. A bench series designed to offer the best possible comfort to all passengers. Geared towards international airports, cruise centres, railway stations and other public areas....

  • 8000 series is designed by Studio F. A. Porsche.

    The product line includes:

    - the seats made entirely of metal, with the back of perforated steel, - the seats made of PU foam, which offers an excellent comfort level and is pleasant to touch,

    - the seats made of multi-layered plywood and fully upholstered, in the wide selection of leathers, heavy-duty materials as well as contract fabrics from our standard collection.

    - the special model with a high back and footstool is available as well.

    For passengers with reduced mobility, it is possible to incorporate one or more straight seats in a bench row having a 4 cm higher seat height. Yet, the overall look stays uniform across the entire bench. The stable arms provide extra support, facilitating taking a seat or getting up. The PRM can be easily assembled or retrofitted at any time. These benches meet all the requirements of the EU regulation which regulates the availability of appropriate seating for passengers with reduced mobility.

  • Lupino
    Characterised by an organic design language and sporty charms – this armchair reflects the dynamics of our time. Fresh, agile and somewhat cheeky. Offering a high level of individualisation through a fascinating number of options....

  • Lupino series is designed by Norbert Geelen. It is a minimalist design at its finest, somewhat out of the ordinary.

    The seat shell is available in two heights, either with low or high arms. There is several distinct frame variations, such as 4 metal legs, sledge frame, 4 wooden legs or swivel base, which can be fixed or height adjustable. Multi-coloured surfaces and free material mix for the seat shell.

    The product line includes a practical stool featuring the same swivel base as the armchair, however with a flat seat instead of a seat shell. It is suited either as standalone seat or as footrest.
  • Volpe
    Seating in a highly individual design language with the appeal of a classic sculpture. Its good looks are matched by its supreme comfort level. The one-piece seat shell is soft, moulding to the body, conveying a feeling of security....

  • Premium class comfort: series 8200 Volpe.
    Seating is an essential fitment, putting the finishing touches to the interior design and creating the right atmosphere. Their design, colours and materials define the room’s character, aura and ambience. Series 8200 Volpe has been designed to give interior designers and architects license to add just the right touch to waiting areas and lounges.

    Volpe is the Italian word for fox. The Volpe armchairs are characterized by a fascinating, authentic design language with the appeal of a classic sculpture. Design by Norbert Geelen. The one-piece seat shell, optionally available with a high back, is soft and moulding to the body. This series comes with 4 distinct frames: column on either base plate or cross base, a sled-base as well as an elegant cross frame. The bench variations feature a stable stretcher bar frame with round base plates that can hold 2 up to 4 seat units.


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