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GrayMatter Products for Boosting Airport Ancillary Revenue

 Press Releases

  • Implementation at Bangalore International Airport:

    Implementation at Eldorado Airport:

    Implementation at Winnipeg Airport:

    Implementation at SWEDAVIA:


  • Skateboard, StoreSense, SmartLot
    Skateboard: An end-to-end digital platform for airports to boost ancillary revenues
    StoreSense: Real time concessionaire sales data capture that Enhances airport store business
    SmartLot: An AI-driven airport car parking revenue management solution...

  • GrayMatter is a Digital, Analytics, and Data Science partner to Global Airports.  Our innovative traveler experience and revenue enhancement products include Skateboard -an end-to-end Digital Airport platform; Store Sense- a real-time POS Data capture and retail analytics solution; and SmartLot - a parking space demand forecasting and price optimization platform. We also deliver Digital, Data, and Intelligence services to customers across the globe.
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