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Our crash phone solutions provide resilient & secure communications when they matter most!

These days, crash phones are often an afterthought. Many airports have archaic systems that are not reliable & utilize older, outdated technology that frequently breaks down. It is impossible to get parts and sometimes the expertise to fix these older systems has long since retired. This scenario puts our first responders at a disadvantage & affects their ability to perform their job with efficiency & consistency. Our first responders need an efficient, reliable, adaptable & secure system to ensure this critical information gets to them without delay.

KOVA Corp. believes this is a necessity in every airport. We have worked with some of the top airports in the country to understand what features our first responders require to get this critical information as quickly & accurately as possible. We designed a system around these parameters and demonstrated it at our host airport. The result was a 17 second savings in response time out of the gate! Imagine arriving at an emergency situation 17 seconds sooner by just changing the way these events are communicated.

KEANS (Kova Emergency Alert Notification System) is a self-contained IP crash phone system that securely ties communications directly & instantly from the Tower to Police and ARFF as well as external mutual aids and other audio paths (loudspeaker systems, bull horns, audio repeaters, radio systems, PBX etc.). Relying on its own infrastructure, KEANS operates flawlessly during times when traditional bandwidths are saturated with users trying to communicate. KEANS is not affected by weather & is deployed using existing ethernet or fiber transport. If wired transport is not available, KEANS can provide a wireless option that guarantees delivery even in times of bandwidth saturation. KEANS will continue to operate while other communications stagger under load… Always there… Always dependable.

As KEANS has evolved, we have listened to our first responders & continued to provide features that allow users to do their job more efficiently & more importantly, communicate important details to a wider range of individuals with minimum effort. This is the most versatile & efficient product on the market today in this space and are happy to share feedback from our growing list of satisfied customers.

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