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Formed in 2007, Aviation Safety Technology is transforming aviation from the ground up.

Runways are airports’ critical assets, which can be optimized when conditions are measured by timely and accurate means.   Unfortunately, current methodologies rely upon subjective assessments that lead to misleading and inaccurate information, resulting in unnecessary risk of runway excursions and marginalized operating efficiencies during challenging weather events.  Aviation Safety Technologies (AST) provides new services that produce surface friction reports for all weather conditions and airport treatment scenarios. 

AST’s SafeCenter, comprised of SafeLand and SafeScan proprietary reporting systems, provides real-time actionable intelligence that enables both airports and airlines operators to execute proactive runway maintenance actions while minimizing service interruptions.  Shared surface and friction assessments deliver optimized situational awareness and collaborative rules-based decision making.

SafeLand uses aircraft landing data to accurately identify the presence of a friction limited landing, should a friction limit exist.  The SafeLand system measures and reports the friction experienced by the reporting aircraft in nomenclature consistent with TALPA guidance. AST pushes standardized, real-time landing reports to user groups through its web portal, API interface or other electronic media, so reporting can be consumed from the airfield to the flight deck.

AST’s SafeScan sensor system utilizes mobile vehicle based lasers to measure surface contamination across the entire airfield, reporting conditions in compliance with  FAA RCAM derived terminology (0-6) for each runway third.  SafeScan enables  continuous scanning across all airport surfaces to analyze coverage, type and depth of the contaminant to 1/1000th of an inch, as well as surface and air temperatures.  Once collected, data is presented graphically or in a file format consistent with FICON reporting containing condition description and runway condition code for each runway third, along with recommended treatments to prevent overruns, hydroplaning and all friction related events.    

For further information or a demonstration of AST’s SafeCenter products, please contact Joe Vickers, Managing Director, at joe.vickers@avsafetech.com

Brands: SafeCenter's computer network measures and reports TALPA compliant friction reports using airplane data and RCAM compliant surface reports using mobile contaminant sensors.

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