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Wyzerr builds technology that drives a consumer-centric airport experience.

Wyzerr Inc. is a fast growing technology company.  The business model is simple; capture the voice of the customer and return actionable insights to the business. Participants enjoy a software design that is fun, fast, and simple while stakeholders enjoy real-time access to results. The company’s proprietary surveys look and feel like games, making it easier and enjoyable for customers to provide feedback. On the analytics side, Wyzerr uses artificial intelligence algorithms to turn customer feedback data into operational tasks for the different roles within an organization. The company's commercial past performance originates with Fortune 1000 Retailers. The company spent the last few years conducting customer research studies for brand managers.  Wyzerr’s success rests on nearly 1,900 customers in 42 countries, including global brands such as:



Walt Disney






Proctor & Gamble

Capital One




Weight Watchers



In August 2017, Wyzerr began a 12-month aviation survey ‘pilot project’ with the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). CVG leveraged four primary tenants for the customer engagement: innovation, volume, speed, and reliability of responses.   Wyzerr achieved all four goals and delivered staggering results from a series of survey questions, unique delivery, and proprietary methods for the airport, carrier, and on-site retail operation.   The captive audience provided nearly continuous experiential data from multiple locations inside and around the airport.    Some of CVGs Key Performance Indicators include the following:

  • Number of Responses Daily:  2,058 completed
  • Number of Responses Monthly: 57,636 completed
  • Average Completion Rate: 73%
  • Completion Time: 29 Seconds

Annually, Wyzerr achieved a 21% engagement rate for CVG, based on prior year enplanement data.  The aviation industry and the airport environments provide a robust opportunity to gain consumer insights and Wyzerr’s business and technical approach are unparalleled in the aviation industry. 


  • Wyzerr Surveys
    Gammified customer feedback surveys...

  • Our surveys can capture up to 25 questions in under 60 seconds, and have an average completion rate of 83%. 
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