PASSUR Aerospace

Stamford,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 1203


PASSUR is a global leader in digital operational excellence, providing predictive analytics and decision support technology for the aviation industry, primarily to improve the operational performance and cash flow of airlines and the airports where they operate. Our mission is to improve global air traffic efficiencies by connecting the world’s aviation professionals onto a single aviation intelligence platform, making PASSUR an essential element in tackling the $30 billion of system-wide inefficiencies.

The largest connected, global aviation customer network includes thousands of individuals, over 125 airlines, over 60 airports, hundreds of business aviation organizations, and the US government.

The largest surveillance and data network of its type in the world includes terabytes of data from sensors, including aircraft, from all over the world. We’ve been storing flight, airspace, aircraft, and airport data for over 10 years -  in hundreds of locations. We have over 170 company-owned surveillance sensors, covering hundreds of airports and their airspace. We integrate and fuse additional data sources – government flight plans, en route tracking, surface tracking, satellite-based aircraft positional updates, onboard aircraft positional updates, airline flight status data, and airport gate and status data.  PASSUR facilitates data-driven decisions made by our experienced customers, who help make a difference to everyday travel.

For example, 53% of all US domestic commercial flights are managed with PASSUR predictive analytics for predicted arrival times by using years of archived data and real-time airspace analysis, allowing airlines and airports to always be ready for the aircraft. This capability reduces gate “unmets,” helping connections of people, crew, and bags, and getting the plane ready for its next departure. (If not, passengers are more likely to wait at the gate for the door to open, bags don’t get to their destination, or connections are missed.) This single capability could save one airline over $15 million each year.

Brands: Airport Information Network, Integrated Fee Management, PASSUR OPSnet FCR, PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management, Diversion Manager, PASSUR Surface Management.

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