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ARC is a leading global provider of professional airport planning and decision support services.

Airport Research Center (ARC) is a leading global provider of professional airport planning and decision support services.

The services and products of ARC include aviation market research, capacity assessment, master planning as well as expert consulting in air traffic and airport operations.

Brands: The CAST Airport Software Suite offers a unique simulation, allocation and optimization environment, covering terminal, airside, ground handling traffic and all corresponding resources and processes.


Overview on CAST Software Solutions


  • CAST Terminal
    CAST Terminal provides a realistic and flexible simulation of processes and passenger movements in an airport terminal including check in, security control, passport control, retail, gate holdroom, baggage reclaim, customs etc....

  • On the one hand CAST Terminal is used to determine facility requirements and validate new terminal layout designs in order to achieve the highest planning reliability at the earliest stage. On the other hand CAST Terminal offers great potential to optimize the existing facilities and processes under different operational scenarios.

    With CAST Terminal an entire airport can be investigated or its individual parts can be considered n detail to cost-efficiently conduct analyses aiming at:

    • Scenario-based analysis of terminal facilities

    • Calculation of resource requirements for long- and short-term

    • Level of Service analysis and optimisation of passenger convenience

    • Bottleneck identification and test of potential mitigation measures

  • CAST Aircraft
    CAST Aircraft simulates the aircraft traffic at and around an airport, including approach, runway, taxiway, apron and stands. New concepts can rapidly be evaluated, for example to identify bottlenecks, plan resources or assess a system‘s capacity....

  • The main goal of using CAST Aircraft is to reduce cost for investments and operations,
    to speed up the decision making process and to guarantee smooth, safe and punctual
    operations. The software is a reliable decision support tool for:

    • Runway, taxiway and apron capacity analysis
    • Demand-driven infrastructure development and expansion planning
    • Optimisation of resource utilisation and delay reduction
    • Performance-driven process optimisation like Airport Collaborative Decision Making, de-icing strategies, operational concepts, new technology

    Central part of a CAST Aircraft model is the 3D environment including all relevant airside elements. Like in reality the CAST Aircraft traffic is generated using a central flight schedule. Delays and schedule deviations are considered based on probabilities.  The airspace and runway operations are based on ATC rules and consider e.g. wake vortex and radar separations, runway occupancy times, departure separation and individual properties of an aircraft.

  • CAST Vehicle
    CAST Vehicle is a simulation and analysis tool for vehicle and ground handling traffic. It offers decision support for planning, optimisation and validation of the airside road network and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) facilities....

  • With CAST Vehicle new concepts and strategies can be rapidly evaluated, for example to identify bottlenecks, plan resources or assess a system‘s capacity.

    • Assessment of KPIs like delays, travel times and queuing considering interaction with aircraft traffic
    • Assessment of required GSE equipment and identification of efficient GSE allocation strategies

    CAST Vehicle incorporates a sophisticated schedule-based dynamic traffic generation that takes into account flight load information (e.g. PAX baggage and cargo) as well as individual ground handler responsibilities and their dispatching strategies. A powerful routing module provides automated and realistic routing.

    CAST Vehicle shortens the planning phase significantly and provides the highest possible confidence for operational planning and co-ordination.

  • CAST Express
    CAST Express provides fast-time predictive analysis of airport terminal processes. Integrated to the airport’s operation system CAST Express gives the best possible view on the next hours of operations to operate, use and staff resources more efficiently....

  • Airport Research Center’s latest development CAST Express is designed to support airports by a fast and throughout capacity assessment of terminal processes and facilities.

    The tool can be used for facility requirement analyses as well as for the assessment of Level of Service quality performance. It can be used either for strategic and tactical capacity planning or for real-time prediction of terminal processes in an operational environment. One unique feature of CAST Express is that it allows comparing a wide range of scenarios within a short time.

    To optimize passenger flows and process planning on the day of operation, CAST Express can be interfaced with the airport’s IT environment (AODB).
    This facilitates informed decision making and to act rather than just to re-act.

  • CAST Stand Allocation
    CAST Stand Allocation supports airports, airlines as well as consulting companies in long, medium and short term stand planning tasks e.g. to evaluate the stand demand for a given schedule or identify the best stand allocation strategy....

  • CAST Stand Allocation provides answers to questions like:

    • What is the stand demand and buffer for a given schedule?
    • What is the best stand allocation strategy?
    • Will the stand concept meet the airlines‘ preferences?
    • How to adapt the stand configuration to meet the future fleet mix?

    CAST Stand Allocation provides a quick analysis of stand demand and a detailed allocation scheme. Besides others, it considers the available or planned stands, the current or future schedules and specific stand allocation rules.

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