Helios Injection Systems

Cordell,  OK 
United States
  • Booth: 255

Introducing Generation II American Made Aluminum Boxer Pump!

Helios Injection Systems specializes in providing a user-friendly operation, and also dependability and low-cost and time maintenance .Core to what Helios is as a company is built into the Boxer pump model…reliability is paramount! That starts with the Check Valves, which significantly upgrade current market offerings by: opening the flow area, removing the elastomer seats and seals, instituting ceramic balls as standard and installing a high-cracking pressure spring in the discharge to make both Checks work more efficiently and effectively. How do these changes work out in the field where operators demand precision? Zero closure loss and very low failure rates.
Everything our team has learned over the years is integrated into the most innovative pump design in the market.  Even the name "Helios", referencing the mytholog of the Greek Sun God, is incorporated into the product.  Clinets have the option of using a clean energy powering option with a 60W, 90W, or 140W solar panel. 
Add it all up and Helios is poised to scorch the competition!

Brands: Distributed by Opeco Inc, Speed Specialty, and Caprock Plungers