Sit Twister

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SIT TWISTER is a fun and easy exercise tool for everyone

SIT TWISTER is created by YAMA MARKETING, headquartered in Denver, CO with its Marketing and Design Lab in Manhattan Beach, CA. Our executive and design teams have many years of experience developing successful and well known consumer products. Our focus at YAMA is to bring the highest quality, USA-made products to our customers that make keeping an active and healthy lifestyle easy, safe, and fun.

After searching for years for a fitness product that fit into our busy schedules and actually worked, we could never find exactly what we were looking for. We knew our family and friends, as well as other consumers and retailers, were equally dissatisfied with the expensive, overcomplicated, and unsafe options that were available in the market. So we decided to design and create a fitness product that was easy, safe, and fun to use at an appealing price: SIT TWISTER.

Brands: SIT TWISTER is designed to help improve posture, core strength, and muscle tone while sitting comfortably and safely… even while watching TV!