Shine Craft Vessel Co.

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Branded drinkware for consumers, customizable for businesses

The Shine Craft Vessel Company designs, manufactures, and sources premium drinkware, coolers, growlers, bottles, mugs, and barware for social excursions and business owners alike.  We create the essentials for those who believe that with the right people, any place can be the best place; in making memories worth talking about; in relishing the moment while always ready for the next round. We source products for the enthusiastic but realistic outdoorsman. For the traveler. The athlete. The collector. The explorer. The academic. Those who seek a fine night, a warm day, a promising morning, a crisp evening, and the essentials to make the most of them.  

Shine Craft Vessels was founded in early 2014 on the simple premise of making a better beer growler.  Today, this family-owned business has expanded its product line to include essential consumption gear for any environment. Whether you’re tackling your first 5k, heading into that budget meeting, relaxing by the campfire, or wanting to customize any of our wares for marketing, we have a product for you that is sure to make your journey complete!

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