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Relax Saunas Increase Body Temperature 3° In 25 Minutes

The Relax Sauna company distributes far infrared ray (FIR) portable saunas, and FIR medical lamps. Athletes, coaches, and sports medicine specialists use Relax Saunas to help improve performance.

Invisible FIR waves penetrate the skin and interact with cells, DNA/proteins, and liquids in the body to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the immune systemRelax Saunas 1400-watt ceramic generators produce the strongest and purest FIR found that rapidly increases core temperature for 

• Reduced tissue inflammation

• Excretion of metabolic waste products

• A parasympathetic response that enables restful sleep

Sports medicine professionals use Relax Saunas to help prevent injuries and accelerate recovery

The travel friendly Relax Sauna self sanitizes when run while empty for at least 10 minutes. It feels comfortable and warm in 20 seconds and will deliver a rich detoxifying sweat in 20 minutes.

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