MedFit Education Foundation

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Welcome to the MedFit Education Foundation.

We are seeing significant increases in chronic disease and other medical conditions. Fitness professionals everywhere will increasingly be presented with clients who live with such conditions. It's as if our typical client is no longer the "apparently healthy" individual, but is now the apparently unhealthy individual.

Regular physical activity and proper nutrition are accepted strategies to promote and preserve the health, wellness, and longevity in many clients with medical conditions, and so enormous opportunities exist for well-educated fitness and allied healthcare professionals, but specialization and continuing education are necessary. Professionals working with clients who live with one or more medical conditions must have advanced levels of knowledge, skill, and ability.

MedFit Education Foundation, via its subsidiary MedFit Classroom, offers online education and training for fitness and allied health professionals in the growing area of medical fitness. Become a medical fitness specialist, and become an integral and pivotal player in our nation’s healthcare system.

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