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A Groundbreaking History in Exercise Science

In 1988, the most powerful team of fitness experts ever assembled joined together under the leadership of Sal Arria, DC, MSS, and Frederick Hatfield, PhD, MSS, to allow personal training students the ability to acquire knowledge through distance education. Drawn from the elite ranks of research, coaching, sports medicine, and sports and fitness science, these innovators drew a line in the sand to turn the tide toward a more fit and healthy world and transform the fitness of the planet.

Since that initial gathering in 1988, the institution has catapulted to the forefront of the fitness community through its student-centered approach and a firm understanding of personal training and exercise science as true healthcare. Formerly the ISSA College of Exercise Science, the institution was the first mover in the personal training education in the ‘80s, one of the first institutions to offer online study in the ‘90s, the first in the fitness industry to earn accreditation from an accrediting body that the US Department of Education recognizes, and the first to develop College Degree Programs specifically for personal training.