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From the creators of ViPR - based on 7 years of feedback and testing, we have created our best professional product to date. Designed for superior functionality and durability, the NEW ViPR PRO® combines an updated professional look with features to maximize the users experience.

ViPR PRO® is a functional training free weight.  It exposes the athlete to omni-directional submaximal load stress (i.e 3D load).  This is critical for transfer of stability, motor control, strength and power in sport and in life.

Inclusion of this type of training helps to make an individual resilient, functionally strong, stable and powerful.

Since the release of ViPR PRO®, we have seen elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, older adults focused on falls prevention, pre-hab/re-hab and first responders all benefit from the inclusion of full body functional load training.

Brands: ViPR PRO® Institute of Motion (IoM)