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The Uptivo system provides vertical solutions targeted at functional training, indoor biking, watersports, and combat fitness, bringing even more fun and motivation to workouts. 

Combining heart-rate monitoring with sport tracking and gamification features, Uptivo provides real-time feedback on members’ training intensity, improving their accountability and helping them achieve their fitness goals. 

By leveraging heart rate, biometrics, and sport-specific data displayed on the screen in real-time, coaches can step in as needed to adjust trainees’ effort levels during each session. Trainers can motivate members, reward progress, and build a stimulating environment thanks to Uptivo Levels and customizable Challenges. 

Athletes will receive a detailed report at the end of each training session and will be able to track their progress over time. 

With specific performance trackers for each type of workout, Uptivo is a great support at increasing your members’ satisfaction while helping you manage activity schedule, payments, and subscriptions.

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