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Welcome to TeleWellnessMD® - Your Fastest Way to Wellness

TeleWellnessMD® has been a leader in the wellness-based, telehealth industry for over a decade. Founder, CEO and practicing wellness physician, Brent Agin MD, has dedicated his career to exploring natural ways to help improve both mental and physical function, as well as the overall quality of life for everyone no matter what their age, health, or current fitness level. We have over 40 protocols and prescription therapies meant to maximize wellness, support weight management, increase results and so much more. Benefit your clients, increase revenue, and your competitive edge by becoming an affiliate of TeleWellnessMD®. Our wide range of prescription therapies including nutrient injections, lipotropics, peptides, lifestyle, sexual health, and more products can help with workout performance, stamina and recovery, weight management, immune support, anti-aging, and so much more. With us, your clients get unlimited phone consultations with our medical providers who help recommend the best Rx products based on their individual needs and goals to maximize results. Visit Us!

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