Ageless Now Academy

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Progressive educations in longevity science meets function

Ageless Now Academy: Provedes the most porgressive modalities of educations in health and wellness that slow the aging process where science meets function for all ages. We offer both online and virtual live programming for group and personal trainers looking for an approach combining specific exercise techniques, myofasial release,music and mindfulness that transforms bodies to be out of pain, increase performance and longevity. This is the only programming of its kind that can be implemented in group or personal training that bridges the gap where both the emotional and physical side of fascia is explained. Our trainings allow the trainer to work with their students to break through barriers hindering them from the life they want and aging them. Ageless Now Academy Foundations is the initial course that a trainers leave with all of the necessary tools and techniques to defy aging, improve flexibility, mobility strength, decreasse injuries, understand posture and relationship to fascia,  mindset and more no matter what age catagory.