Michelson Diagnostics Limited

Maidstone, Kent, 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: 928

Michelson Diagnostics manufacturers and markets the VivoSight Dx Optical Coherence Tomography system for skin imaging.  A VivoSight scan is quick, painless, and safe, taking only 15 seconds to scan a 6x6mm area of skin.  The scan produces a 3D image block with visualization 1mm deep into the skin providing sub-clinical imaging and measures for dermatologic research and clinical applications. 

VivoSight images and measures include; Skin Morphology & Lesion Visualization, Vascular Network & Density, Superficial Vascular Plexus Profile, Epidermal Thickness, Dermal Brightness, Skin Surface Roughness. 

Dermatologists are finding VivoSight images and measures useful in a variety of applications, including Sub-clinical Phenotyping, BCC Visualization and Margination, Inflammatory Response, Autoimmune Disease, Proliferative Vascular Disease, Skin Ageing, Microneedle Insertion Depth, Swelling & Dissolution

Brands: VivoSight Dx Optical Coherence Tomography System.