Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc.

Niagara-on-the-Lake,  ON 
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Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc. was founded as Lakeview Harvesters in 2003 by Niagara grape growers Falk & Nickel. In their own farming operations, they knew that mechanization was important and decided to start importing equipment that was almost exclusively made in France into North America. Gregoire Grape Harvesters were their first choice of suppler as they firmly believed they offered premium harvest results without secrificing productivity or reliability. They realized that to achieve any kind of scale as an industry or business, that it would be important to achieve buy in from other growers in North America and took a grass roots and service based approch to selling equipment. Through relentless presence at tradeshows, demo days, and cold calls throughout their trade area they quickly established Lakeview Harvesters as the 'go-to' supplier for new and used vineyard and orchard equipment.

As the company grew across Canada and the USA, Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc was born with Joe Pillitteri & Jesse Willms at the helm, side by side.

Brands: Gregoire | Collard | Clemens | Orchard-Rite | Infaco | Weberlane | CEP