Micro Bottler with DK Advanced Technologies

Fort Edward,  NY 
United States
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Welcome to the DK Advanced Technologies booth!

DK Advanced Technologies is proud to work with craft beverage manufacturers all over the world. Our priorities are producing high quality products and giving good old fashioned customer service with the latest technology.
The MicroBottler is a semi-automatic beverage bottling and canning line. It is designed, built and supported in Fort Edward, NY with all parts being made in the USA.
Choose the MicroBottler to bottle or can your carbonated and non-carbonated craft beverages. If you want simple set up, efficient filling/ closing, versitility and mobility at a great price point, then let us help you get a Microbottler to your facility today. 

MicroBottler with MicroCork attachment

craft beverage bottling equipment

MicroCork stand- alone                                                                                                            

craft beverage bottling equipment   

The MicroBottler with MicroRinse  

      craft beverage bottling equipment                        





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