Stix Alternatives

Waterloo,  NY 
United States
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Oak Barrel Alternatives are matching Cooperage production.

Less Wood = Less Cost, Excellent Results...

Wine Stix® and BeerStix™ products are made from properly seasoned and cured Northern White Oak, harvested and milled by us. Our French Oak is sourced from the Allier Region, seasoned and exported in. 

Our unique milling and convection processing gains Gradiance Toasting in three toast levels and the short grain is balanced perfectly with the percentage of long grain.

Due to their slow extraction rate, these products rival the flavors and aromas of crafted Oak Barrels.

We didn't start the evolution of processing Oak Barrel Alternatives in different shapes and sizes, we just took it to another level with our Oak seasoning techniques and the Wine Stix® and BeerStix™ milling of the wood.