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F.LLI RAZETO & CASARETO  S.P.A. designs and makes marine  locks and doors’ accessories in Italy since 1920. OSSH©, is a Safety Luminous  Handles  integrated system  for fire doors ,which  light up  in critical conditions to safeguard the safety of passengers, guests and employees.During a fire handles automatically  light up green on the side of the fire to allow panicking people to identify the best escape routes and to reach safetyand red on the outside to prevent the door being opened. Rina' Technology Qualification Certificate is under way. Now launching a brand  new line odf handles  featuring ESI antimicrobial system, a metal cluster complex that emits silver ions (Ag+) and other metal ions, which  excites  a continuous antimicrobial action. The  effectiveness against  Corona Virus has  been found  with laboratory tests and certified by University of Modena e Reggio , Italy. Esi is actually a diffusion treatment and is therefore permanent, Anti microbial  handles  cannot be contaminated.  The compliance with Rina's additional note  of Classe Biosafety Ship with reference to  surfaces with high utilization, is underway.

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  • OSSH
    OSSH is a system of handles for fire doors which light up in critical conditions indicating escape routes with the color of light.OSSH interacts with external systems (FDS,ESD, SMS,SMCS) via communication protocols such as modbus....

  • OSSH is a system of  handles for  fire doors which  light up to be detected in critical conditions and  provide informations such as emergency indicating escape routes with the  color of light.OSSH interacts with external systems (FDS,ESD, SMS,SMCS)  via communication protocols such as modbus.Ossh is a truly smart handle: the management electronics are placed in the ceiling in a special junction box, wired with a BUS485 system that carries a network signal throughout the vessel  and power supply to the handle through the lock clash.

    It is simply installed, even in the case of retrofitting, as an unambiguous safety means of hazard communication via BUS485.

    The system is designed for use on board naval units - yachts, platforms and terminals; everywhere  there is a need to also have ATEX certification (ships with  alternative fuels such as F.C., LNG, Hydrogen, ammonia ) .The system integration" with the FDS – GAS Detection – LLL system is practicable, approaching the matter also with a risk analysis from which  emerge that the systems are "additional / additional" and can be an added value for scenario cases such as evacuation / emergency related to security.

    Our company is leading manufacturer  of locks for  marine fire doors and OSSH system is provided  in kits which   do not vary in size and shape from the standard ones.This  makes it quite easy retrofit, adding important safety tools on any existing ship; ship owners can improve safety onboard their vessels by simply fitting OSSH kits on their ships' firedoors. OSSH handles  represent a system of mitigation  of spread risk for pathogenic agents; a benefit to  shipowners, passengers and  crew , in compliance wit Rina's additional note of Classe BIOSAFE SHIP with reference to  “Surfaces with high utilization rate active materials”.

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