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SKF Marine - at home on the world‘s ships

SKF Marine has been in the marine industry for more than 70 years, applying innovative thinking and expertise to critical machinery. We offer a full portfolio of high quality components, including Simplex and Turbulo products and services. SKF Marine develops, produces and sells stabilizers, shaft components, couplings, lubrication systems, condition monitoring & condition-based maintenance solutions, bilge water separators, environmental monitoring systems as well as services.

Stabilization solutions

Since 1961 SKF Marine has been equipping over 600 ocean-going vessels with stabilization solutions. SKF Marine always ensures the highest possible stabilization performance. Whether zero-speed and underway stabilization with the retractable fin stabilizer type Z or optimum underway stabilization with the retractable fin stabilizer type S.

SKF Marine also offers the SKF Dynamic Stabilizer Cover which was designed to reduce drag at the fin box opening and improves the efficiency of passenger vessels equipped with SKF retractable fin stabilizers. The system can also be retrofitted on existing fin installations.

Brands: SKF, RecondOil, BlueSonic, Simplex


  • SKF RecondOil Box - for a circular use of oil
    With RecondOil Box from SKF, you can keep reusing the same oil and in fact, get cleaner oil than ever before. Your machines can perform better, and at the same time, your oil can be transformed from a costly CO2 footprint into a sustainable asset....

  • The RecondOil Box is an enhanced depth filtration system that incorporates RecondOil’s patented Double Separation Technology (DST).
    It features a chemical/mechanical separation process which is not limited by filter pore size, and there is therefore no lower limit on the size of particles that can be removed from an oil.

    Removes all types of contamination:

    • soft and hard particles down to nano-size
    • bacteria
    • water (free, bound and emulsified)
    • sludge and insolubles (e.g. varnish)
    • soluble oxidation products (i.e. pre-varnish)


    • cost-effective maintenance
    • no oil changes = enviromentally friendly
    • change filters instead of changing oil
    • increased machine lifetime
    • less downtime
    • no oxidation in oil