Port of Tromsø

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Tromsø - the Artic Capital is the largest city and port in Northern Norway and is a popular year round destination.

Located at 69° North Tromsø is blessed with two wonders of nature; the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

Tromsø has a strategic location to fishing and offshore fields and is a popular destination for tourism. Tromsø is a center for Arctic knowledge and science and is an important logistic hub in the arctic. With a well developed infrastructure and service industry Troms is a one-stop shop for ocean industries. The port is always ice free.

Tromsø has a well deveoped cultural life and a number of attractions and activities. In addition Tromsø is a perfect starting point for tours to other destinations in Northern Norway, the Barents regions and Spitsbergen. With 15-20 daily direct flights to Oslo in addition to direct flights to other national and international destinations Tromsø is easily accessible. This combined with over 2 000 hotel rooms Tromsø is a perfect city and port for turn around operations.

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