Hobart GmbH

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HOBART & ELRO Global Marine are part of ITW Food Equipment Group. HOBART is specialized in engineering and manufacturing high-quality warewash systems, waste treatment and food preparation. ELRO is a premium manufacturer of cooking equipment providing Swiss premium quality and having a unique position in the market. ELRO equipment is proven to last for 20+ years through its robust design and high-end material guaranteeing reliability and durability. HOBART and ELRO meet the specific requirements of the market and established an international service network providing customer-oriented solutions as well as a marine specific product line fulfilling USPH standards. Innovative, patented, award winning and industry first technology is provided to achieve maximum customer benefits for both Newbuilds and Refit Projects. 9 out of 10 cruise vessels in operation rely on HOBART.

Brands: HOBART high-quality warewash systems HOBART waste treatment HOBART food preparation HOBART cooking