Port of Huelva

  • Booth: 1605

In the west coast of Andalusia, next to the Strait of Gibraltar, the Port of Huelva is situated less than one hour to the monumental city of Seville and the Portuguese Algarve. 

With 3.120 hours of sunshine a year and a perfect temperate climate on the coast, it is possible to enjoy the sun and the sea all year round along its 122 km of coastline of fine and white sandy beaches. These climate conditions motivate visitors to do outdoor sports as golf, with 9 first-class golf courses at the province. 

Huelva is one of the most natural regions in Spain. The National Park of Doñana, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, is one of the most important and protected areas in Europe, having the Iberian lynx, and numerous migratory birds as the flamingos. 

The province has a thousand-year history heritage result of the passing of civilizations such as the Tartesians, Phoenicians, Romans and Moors. Furthermore, the most remarkable event in the history of the city took place in 1492 when three caravels under the command of Christopher Colombus, departed from Huelva to reach the called New World.