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United States
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ALMACO's innovative products and services have been reliably serving the cruise and ferry industries for the past 20 years, delivering complete accommodation and catering solutions for newbuilds and refurbishments to owners and shipyards worldwide.

ALMACO's catering systems offerings include stainless steel, tailor-made equipment for galleys, provision stores, and refrigeration systems. ALMACO's innovative solutions include the Integrated Catering Management system (ICM), which incorporates the galley consumption saving GEM (Galley Energy Management), the control and monitoring system REM (Refrigeration Equipment Monitoring), as well as water and steam metering. Additional innovations include the proprietary PAC (Precision Air Cooler) and Fast Thawing Chamber (FTC.)

ALMACO's accommodation expertise includes building and refurbishing over 25,000 cabins, wet units, and public areas, with over four thousand cabins built modularly.

ALMACO's Service team offers a broad variety of new and replacement equipment, spare parts, and maintenance services to all ship owners around the world, regardless of the original equipment supplier.


    Our specialty is turnkey newbuilding, modernization, and lifecycle services of all catering and hotel areas including cabins, superstructures, public spaces, wet units, galleys, provision stores, refrigeration machinery, and laundry....

  • ALMACO is a full turnkey provider of all catering and interior areas for the marine and offshore industry. Our goal is to manage large-scale full turnkey projects and "make it look easy". This means our customers can trust us with the full responsibility of their projects and focus on their core business while we handle the rest. 


    We provide comprehensive design, engineering, and project management ranging from guest to crew and back-end areas. Our catering solutions include galleys, bars, pantries, provision stores, refrigeration machinery, laundries, and various smart solutions for operating and optimizing them. ALMACO can handle large and demanding projects with strict USHPS requirements. We are the market expert in optimizing galley and provision store layouts. Ensuring a functional and safe workflow and optimizing space are among our specialties. Our combination of provision stores and refrigeration machinery is unbeatable, and we collaborate with the best laundry solution providers in the world. Go to catering solutions.


    We provide complete accommodation areas including everything from cabins to public areas such as corridors, SPAs, gyms, lobbies, and restaurants. We do our work with a strong focus on PEOPLE. The users of the areas we create are the real determinators of what is truly good. We are among the largest cabin producers in the world right after the major shipyards. We have built over 26 000 cabins and completed over 300 projects since 1998 when our company was founded. Public areas, such as corridors, restrooms, SPAs, gyms, lobbies, wheelhouses, and stairs, or any other interior part of a ship or rig that is inhabited by people, are also an important part of our wide scope and expertise. Go to accommodation solutions.