Aerte AB

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By mimicking a naturally occurring phenomenon, the Aerte© technology eliminates all types of airborne microbes by the production of active oxygen species.

The system works by converting a reagent in a disposable cartridge into hydroxyls, which in turn reduces the number microbes in the air and on surfaces. Other contaminants such as odors, smoke and certain chemicals are also removed, providing a healthy indoor environment. One system (AD2.0) covers 100 m2 and can be used in any setting.


  • AD2.0 Air Cleaner
    The AD2.0 is the corner stone of our patented technology. Small, yet powerful, the AD2.0 eliminates microbes in the air to maintain a healthy indoor environment....


    • Real-Time air cleaning - 24/7
    • Effective up to 100m2 or 300m3
    • Wall mounted
    • Replaceable cartridge – 60 days
    • Low level of maintenance
    • Safe and easy to use